Frederick Steeplechasers to Host Once Again. The details below will be updated as we get closer to the training date

Official Frederick Half Marathon TRAINING RUN hosted by the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club.

We will continue our long-standing tradition of hosting a supported on-course training run to help you prepare for race day, preview much of the course, and check out Historic Downtown Frederick.  With help from the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club, we have a 12 mile supported on course training run 2 weeks prior to race day.  The run is FREE and open to the public.

The run will begin at 8:00am from the beautiful Frederick Visitors Center at 151 S East St, Frederick, MD 21701.  The visitors center will have plenty of information on Frederick, the “nicest bathrooms in town”, as well as a spot to warm up after the run.  Please park in the lot next to the Visitors Center but don’t park in their “visitor spots.”  Don’t worry, the “permit only” lot is open to the public on Saturdays.

This is a casual group run that is NOT timed or held on a closed course. Runners of all abilities and paces are welcome, but must obey all traffic laws. We ask that you run on sidewalks where available and against traffic if you must enter the roadway for best visibility and safety.  RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Steeplechasers will provide turn by turn directions and a mid-course water stop.  Our friends at Charm City Frederick will provide post-run refreshments.  We suggest you bring your own water and other energy supplements if you will need them. We look forward to seeing you out there!

This is not just an opportunity to see the course but for those out of towners, you can see where you would like to eat or stay while in Frederick for the race. We will be running through downtown Frederick’s historic district so feel free to ask your Steeplechasers’ hosts questions about any restaurants, cafes, pubs, or shops that you see along the way.

If you would like more information or would like to join the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club, please go to http://steeplechasers.org


We have a free Half Marathon Training Group for all paid Steeplechasers members leading up to the race.  It is a very large group where you’ll have a blast and meet lots of other local runners.

If you are planning to attend, please RVSP when the event is posted on Facebook so we may plan accordingly.

Supported Course Training Runs


12-Mile Route Map

12-Mile Route

Date Time Distance
TBD TBD 12-mile Run