Like your Grandmother always used to say, THE MORE THE MERRIER! When you create a social team and reach 10 or more members, everyone REFUND!



Having the support of your friends during your training and race is priceless, but we decided to add an extra incentive! Regardless of when your teammates register, the entire group will get a $10 refund once your team reaches 10 or more members. The refund will go directly back to the card used to  pay for registration. PLUS there’s potential for teams to win extra prizes such as merchandise deals! You can join a social team whether you’re running virtually or live in 2022!


When registering you will have the option to Join a Group/Team.  All Members of a SOCIAL TEAM are linked by their team name and password.  As your team grows, everyone benefits, event those who register first!  The system will automatically refund everyone on the team who has already registered and charge the new team members the new rate. Once you hit 10 members, the first 9 to register will automatically receive a $10 refund to their card, and the 10th member (and anyone else who registers after that!) will get the discounted rate automatically.  Registrants that do not initially register with their group may not be eligible for refunds or discounts.



Running with a friend (or a group!) really is so much more fun than running alone. Once the race is over, a team is there to celebrate, and relax after the accomplishments of the day. Plus, they’ll keep people going and motivate them to finish strong if they’re starting to feel sluggish mid-race. Teams get bonus points if they wear matching team t-shirts or costumes!

Before the race even starts, a team is a built-in training support system. A dedicated team will spend some time running together before the race starts, getting to know each member’s quirks and pace. An individual can push off or ignore scheduled training runs, but a team won’t let them get away with skipping them! Besides support, team members also make for great accountability partners, and will help members to be completely prepared come race day.

Need help creating or joining your social team?

You can easily create or join your social team during registration! Registrants that do not initially register with their group may not be eligible for refunds or discounts. If you already registered, and didn’t join or create a team CLICK HERE for instructions!


Still having trouble? Contact us at [email protected]