A message to everyone in the Kingdoms! The Realm is up for grabs and we are looking for new members to try to take the Throne! Anyone daring enough to embark on this journey will be crowned as a Lord of the King Crab Challenge.

There is no question that the members of the running kingdom love the challenge of a quest.  And the only thing that they love more than a challenge is the SWAG they get for accomplishing that quest. Corrigan Sports is ready to throw down its latest gauntlet and summon all runners to take THE KING CRAB CHALLENGE in 2021!

Members of the kingdom who finish the Frederick Running Festival  (July 11, 2021), the Baltimore 10-Miler (June 5, 2021) and the Baltimore Running Festival (Oct. 9 2021) will join the small counsel and be dubbed King Crabs, taking home riches worthy only of royalty! Runners can complete the challenge by running the 3 required races virtually OR live in 2021 (or a mix!) At the Frederick Running Festival, challengers must take on the half or a higher distance (nut job challenge) at the 10 miler they must take on the full 10 miles and at the Baltimore running Festival, challengers must take on the half or a high distance (including the Baltimoron-a-thon challenge or full marathon).

What is it?

The King Crab Challenge is a test of stamina and bravery over long distances and an extended time period. Runners must complete the half marathon at the Frederick Running Festival, the Baltimore 10-Miler and the full or half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival.

Who is eligible?

Any brave soul who thinks they can withstand the trials and tribulations surrounding three of the King’s most proud possessions, in territories that stretch across the far reaches of his kingdom.

What do I get?

Citizens who complete the three tasks will be granted access to royal events and will be lavished with prizes and awards.

How do I sign up?

Those wishing to take the challenge should sign up for the King Crab Challenge from the Frederick Running Festival registration page. Here you can sign up for all 3 race distances with 1 transaction. To link separate registrations together, please fill out the form that is linked below.


FIVE MEDALS (or more!)

Those who enlist in the King Crab Challenge will receive a medal at the Baltimore 10-Miler in addition to one from each of the two running festivals as well as the Maryland Double medal, as well as the new King Crab Medal- to proudly wear as signs of their bravery. (The double medal & the King Crab medal will be awarded at the Baltimore Running Festival.)


The King knows that his mighty warriors have a long road to defend thy Kingdom. So in order to prepare the for the battles ahead and reward the Court for conquests already rout, the King historically honors those who have joined in the quest at a special gathering in the post-race celebration. Unfortunately do to  COVID 19 protocols, we will be unable to safely have the VIP TENT in 2021.  This benefit will return when we return to the zoo in 2022


The King will set forth exclusive deals on other CSE races, official merchandise as well as other special savings from race partners and sponsors. These will come throughout the year to help you keep your sword sharp and help you maintain on the path to success.

Ye Royal Gift


The deadline to join the battle is Aug 1, 2021 – If you registered separately and would like to link your entries and be eligible, please fill out the form linked above. If you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected].