The Nitty Gritty

The Team Relay is open to participants at least 14 years of age on race day. There will be NO Team Relay race day bib pick up. The course will remain open for 3 hours and 30 minutes, closing on a continuous pace of 14:00 minutes per mile.  If you are unable to maintain this pace, you will be asked to move off of the course and continue as a pedestrian after the course reopens to traffic.

The following items are not permitted on the course: pets, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, baby joggers, and any other type of vehicle (other than official race vehicles). These regulations are for your safety and the safety of the other participants in the race. Corrigan Sports reserves the right to disqualify and remove anyone from the course who has any of the above items.



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Team Relay Information

The first runner will start at 7:00am with the half marathon field. There is not a separate start for the Relay Teams.  The second team member will need to be at the exchange zone well before the fastest runners pass by, as area roads will close.   Transportation from the Frederick Fairgrounds to the exchange point will be provided for the second runners.  Transportation from the exchange point back to The Fairgrounds will be also provided for the first runners.

On the course, signs will designate the location of the upcoming exchange point.  Upon entering the exchange area, incoming runners should make sure their bib number is visible.  A volunteer will announce the incoming runner’s bib number to the waiting runners via megaphone.

Waiting runners will be stationed in a designated zone according to their team’s bib number.  Zones are broken down for every 100 runners.  (i.e. Bib #9000-9099; 9100-9199; 9200-9299; 9300-9399) Incoming runners should know their bib number and look for these zone signs.

Each relay runner will pass the ankle band to the next relay runner at the relay exchange point. Depending on the exchange location, timing mats may be located before or after the exchange area.  We suggest the outgoing runner test the strap for security before starting. Do not cross the timing mat more than once with your timing chip.


  • Know your teammate’s pace, keep track of the race time, and know when to expect him/her.
  • Wear or carry something easily identifiable by the incoming runner at the exchange.
  • Assist your fellow runners by shouting all incoming bib numbers.

If you need to replace a team member:
To substitute a team member the Team Captain (person who created the team) must login to MANGE YOUR TEAM HERE. You will then see the option to drop, add, or invite another team member.There is no charge for this transaction.  Team members should make reimbursement arrangements independently.  Final changes can be made at the HELP DESK during the expo.

2-Person Team Relay

Leg Distance (approx) Start End Bus Leaves Stadium
Leg 1 7.6 miles Fairgrounds Hood College No bus needed
Leg 2 5.5 Miles Hood College Fairgrounds 6:45am

Buses will pick up runners near Gate 6 at the Fairgrounds, and will leave the promptly at 6:45am.  Buses will return to the fairgrounds from the exchange zone once filled to capacity.

Bib Number Requirements

Each team will receive identical bib numbers; one for each runner to wear on race day. Please fill in the necessary medical and emergency contact information on the back of the bib number with a pen or waterproof marker.  Do not alter the bib in any way.  The bib must be worn on the outside of all clothing during the entire race, visible for the race officials and photographers.  Bib numbers are nontransferable and must be worn by the registrant to whom it has been assigned. 

Timing Chip Requirements

Your team captain must pick up the timing chip during Packet Pickup.  Each team will be given one timing chip on a Velcro band that must be worn during the race. Runners should wear a sock under the band to protect the ankle from chaffing.  Without a chip, your team’s time will not be recorded!

The timing chip must be secured to the runner’s ankle with the Velcro strap provided.   Some relay runners choose to carry the band in their hand.  This is not suggested and you do run the risk of not being timed as the chips are not designed to read higher than your knee.  If you do carry the band in your hand, you should bend down when crossing the mats.

Chips are nontransferable and must be worn only by the team members to whom it is assigned. If you drop out of the race, please notify a course official.  You will be transported back to the stadium.  DO NOT CROSS THE FINISH LINE.


All finishers will receive a commemorative race medals at then end of his/her leg.  Trophy awards will be given to each of the top male, female, and coed teams.

Please note that those competing in the Frederick Running Festival Marathon will not be eligible for prize money, prizes, etc. if they wear a musical device while competing. USA Track & Field Rule 144.3, states that the visible possession or use by athletes of video, audio, or communications devices in the competition area (which includes IPods, MP3 and other musical devices) is considered assistance and is therefore prohibited. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WEARING A MUSICAL DEVICE, YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL PRIZE MONEY, PRIZES, ETC.  You will retain your overall position in the race, however. Age group awards are not subject to this rule.


Race Premium

Runners will be able to pick up their premium at the expo on Saturday, May 5 or post race on Sunday, May 6. Stay tuned for more info. PLEASE NOTE: If you chose to pick up your race bib at one of the satellite packet pick up locations, you WILL NOT receive your premium at this location and are asked to pick up after the race. If you want your premium prior to race day it is suggested that you attend the expo on Saturday, May 5th.

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