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Do the Maryland Double

Great Savings and Incentives for Participating in Both Area Races

More than 7000 runners have registered to “do the Double” since its inception in 2007, competing in a distance event at both the Frederick Running Festival and the Baltimore Running Festival.  If you would like to join this dedicated group of runners, now is the time to sign up. 

Runners who complete races in both events in the same calendar year receive a special third medal at the Baltimore Running Festival.  These medals are big and beautiful — definitely worth showing off!

Registering for the Maryland Double is easy, and you get a discount too!  When you go to register for your Frederick race, you will notice an option for the Maryland Double.  Once you enter this page, you can choose which events you want to run in both Frederick and Baltimore.  PLEASE NOTE:  Using this special registration category is the only way that you can receive your $10 entry fee savings.  No other discount offers apply.

Not sure you are ready to sign up for the Double quite yet?  No problem.  You can still be part of the Maryland Double if you register for the two events separately, but will waive the right to your discount.  IMPORTANT:  If you choose this route, it is your responsibility to tell us that you are eligible for the award (by COMPLETING THIS FORM) as we do not cross-reference the two runner databases.  The Deadline for adding your name to the Maryland Double is Aug. 1st.